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At the Toilet Paper Factory we manufacture and package quality paper products, cleaning products and detergents.

The Toilet Paper Factory specializes in the manufacturing, production and packaging of paper products for the South African consumer market. The entire staff and management of The Toilet Paper Factory are thoroughly professional. They stick to deadlines and deliver quality services. The company has gained good clients in less time due to our effective working style, loyalty, commitment and excellent service.

At the Toilet Paper Factory we believe in combining top quality products at our lowest possible prices. Our toilet paper range caters for all customers from a bale of virgin 2 ply to a single recycled roll. We also have great deals on bulk orders for those who want to resell. Visit our factory shop at 11, 15th Avenue in Kensington  to check out our quality as well as our in store specials. You can also get your cleaning products from us as we have recently introduced our own brand of detergents. By manufacturing these ourselves we can once again ensure good strong cleaning agents at really low prices, ranging from 400 ml to 5 litres.